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About China Shipping Container Lines Company Limited

China Shipping Container Lines Company Limited (“CSCL”) is the fastest growing and world leading major container shipping company with its headquarters in China. China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd is a specialized corporation affiliated to China Shipping (Group) Company, involved in container liner services and other relative services as well. It is currently ranked as the world’s 10th largest container shipping company in terms of operating capacity

As at 23 Aug 2004, CSCL has a young and modern fleet that comprises 114 vessels with a total operating capacity of 231,480TEU, among which 28 of them had capacities of over 4,000 TEU. The average age of vessels with capacity of more than 4,000 TEU is 1.6 years. Such a young and energetic fleet provides CSCL with additional competitive advantage to stay at the industry forefront.

China shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd now is operating dozens of domestic coastal routes and international container liner services from China to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, Mediterranean, North America, West Africa and Persian Gulf. With 16 vessels in operation, China Shipping's Far East-North America lines cover 8 base ports and over 40 inland points of North America.

The company has formed a network covering the main ports of China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Its Far East-Europe/Mediterranean line is now serving almost all china base ports; with big capacity as compared with other carriers is also a dominant player in China with a share of over 50% in a significant number of domestic ports.

With near six years' optimizing the structure of owned service lines, especially with the delivery and usage of the new built vessels, CSCL gradually forms the main force of a fleet of more than 4100 TEU's capacity container carried vessels, and at the same time CSCL also emphasizes on perfecting the service lines structure, adjusting the devotion of motion capacity and modernizing the fleet.

By the year of 2005, CSCL will arguably hold a fleet of nearly 60 core vessels of more than 4100 TEUs' capacity with 5200 TEUs' average space and 350 thousand TEUs' total space, and will ascend to stand in the top 10 lists of the global containers liner companies.

The domestic coastal transportation is covering more than30 ports from South China to North China, providing most economic, efficient and rapid service to every customer and we play as a leading role in china domestic transportation.

China Shipping Container lines Co., Ltd also has its own international cargo agencies, container yards and trucks, China shipping container Lines Co., Ltd will expand its worldwide liner services and provide qualified service to client.